Hey everyone! Just a quick devlog on what the next update of Nestronomus is about!

Next update, version 0.6.0, will fix one of the bigger issues I have with the game, and that is the combat.

After some feedback of some friends and myself, here's what I can say what's wrong with the current battle:

  • It's feels like a chore, combat right now feels boring and you'll try to avoid it at all times if possible.
  • Everything is standing still, the only "animation" that it currently has it's when the player dies.
  • Too linear, you press a button and you deal damage.
  • No real magic abilities, current ones are really lacking.
  • Way to difficult, current combat is NOT balanced at all.
  • The rewards after battle do not feel like rewards at all.

So, here's some of my plans for the next update:

  • Animation! Let's give some life to the characters. Seriously, they really need it.
  • Criticals! Let's spice things up, shall we?
  • Balance! It's not fun or fair when you hit an enemy for 2 damage and they hit you back for 15!
  • Actual rewards! After winning a battle, you should be properly rewarded depending on the difficulty of the battle.
  • Real magic abilities! Add more variety and more properties, should feel way better to play with and against them!
  • Make combat actually fun to play! No one likes to do chores, right? It can't just be me... right?

That's all for me now, I'll post a new devlog someday to update you guys. -Tsadriu

(P.S.: If you haven't tried Nestronomus yet, I would apreciate it if you do and give me feedback!)


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13 days ago

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