New update of Nestronomus!

New update! Version: Alpha 0.5.0

After a month of development, here's a new patch!

What does this update have to offer:

  • When enemies die, a new SFX is played!
  • Main Menu overhaul:
    • The player now can choose a name
    • The player now can save & delete their savefiles properly
    • The player now can see information about their save file by clicking the "info" button
  • Game's name changed from TS2020RPG -> Nestronomus
  • New items:
    • Resurrection potion I (currently with no functionality)
    • Strawberries (When consumed, you heal for +2 HP)
    • Old Rusty Sword
  • The game auto-saves after accepting/finishing a quest and when winning a battle!
  • Quest Menu! (Can be opened by pressing 'Q'):
    • The player can see which quests he has accepted (name + description)
    • The quests get automatically removed when completed!
  • Added new option to the setting's menu, the player can now interact using the space bar (instead of the left mouse button)
  • The player can now select a quantity of items that they want to buy/sell/discard , saving time (literally, you had to spam the buy/sell/discard button before)
  • There's now an arrow indicating which allied character is going to perform a move (during a battle)
  • Items can now give special effects (max HP/MP/FP increase and such)
  • The player can access the setting's menu before entering the game (main menu).
    Changes to audio there WILL NOT BE SET for individual save files. Changing the audio on the main menu will ONLY CHANGE the volume of the audio that is played on THE MAIN MENU and GAME OVER (Suggested by @MichiMaker)
  • Overhaul of the buttons and the text (looks way cleaner now)
  • Reworked some inventory management code! Now items stack properly!
  • Any type of dialog now shows the text smoothly with a SFX sound. Clicking the LMB (or space bar if activated in the setting menu) will display the whole line.
  • The player now can't sell/discard certain items (will be used later)
  • The player can now remove the armor/weapon they're wearing by going to the Menu -> Stats -> Unequip Armor/Weapon (previously the only way to remove them was to simply equip another armor/weapon)
  • Now there's a pop-up warning the player when they try to quit the game. (Suggested by @MichiMaker)
  • Now there's a pop-up warning the player when they try to delete a savefile. (Suggested by @MichiMaker)
  • Added five new enemies:
    • Slime
    • Snake
    • Bee
    • Toad
    • Aligator
  • When launching the game, a random tip will show
  • Added the "Inspect" button to the "Buy items" in the shop menu
  • Added two new magic spells:
    • Poison (Bees and Snakes use this)
    • Poison Bubbles (Toads use this)
  • Revamped them whole map (finally the player can test the functions of the game)

Bugs fixed:

  • The ending of normal battles take too long to end.
  • The player can use items on a dead character
  • The player can close the menu while the inspect window is open, letting the player walk/interact with stuff.
  • "Use", "Discard" and "Inspect" buttons not disappearing if the player used the last item in his inventory.
  • Iron Sword advanced description not showing up.
    The player loses all Ritz after loading the game.
  • The player name doesn't show in the menu load savefile section or the savefile section
  • Game data not storing properly (especially inventory info + quests)
  • Quests not triggering properly
  • tenor.gif
  • When the option is activated in the settings' menu, pressing ESC will properly open the main menu.

Give the game a try and let me know what you think!


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